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Metal Fabrication: Extrusion Dies, Machining and Die Rebuild Services

For 70 years Akron Tool & Die has been helping manufacturers improve their extrusion operations and metal fabrication by supplying new and rebuilt extrusion dies, along with valuable advice on how to increase throughput and quality while lowering energy costs. In addition, we supply related products and services for a wide range of extrusion types, including plastics, food products, catalysts, and many specialty items.

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Read about die design best practices.

Case Histories

Get tips on boosting productivity and quality via customer experiences.

Diamond America Extrusion Systems

Akron Tool's sister company, offering specialized mixing and extrusion systems to the food, catalyst, and mastic arena.

We understand the importance of quality assurance. Our ISO 9001-2008 assures our customers are receiving the highest quality components.

Precision, Long-Lasting Extrusion Dies and Barrels

Our team of engineers and technicians has over 300 combined years of experience in the manufacture of extrusion dies, barrels, feedblocks, adapters and related products. This expertise is kept up-to-date with a comprehensive training program that ensures production of the highest quality components at competitive prices. We use the latest extrusion machining technology and equipment to produce components with tight tolerances, and we excel in the application of wear and corrosion resistance surface treatments!

Value Added Services

Along with exceptional die and barrel quality, our customers get the benefit of unmatched expertise in extruder die applications for a wide range of projects. A sampling of our customized tooling and application solutions include:

  • helping customers automate product processes previously done manually
  • showing customers how to better control moisture content in extrusions
  • improving extrusion consistency and quality
  • facilitating better temperature control and energy savings

Our metal fabrication products are combined with outstanding customer service that includes a careful analysis of product needs, consultation on ways to save costs, frequent project updates, and timely delivery of the finished goods. But our attention to detail doesn't end with delivery; we are attentive to customer feedback, and continually work toward the ultimate goal of superior service.

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